What is Outplacement?

Outplacement services serve as a peace-of-mind benefit for employees, making it a valuable recruitment tool. It provides transition assistance to employees who are leaving the organization due to downsizing, reorganization, layoff & seek assistance to transition back into the workforce.

The aim of outplacement consultation is to process fears and stabilise the psyche in the first step, then define a realistic new professional goal on the basis of your individual skills, knowledge, motivators, and values – and to implement them actively. Services can include resume advice, access to job listings and interview coaching. Guaranteed success on request!

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Why Outplacement for your people

All companies face change, whether on a large scale or involving a few members of staff. How you handle that change can have a profound effect on your people’s productivity, corporate image and employer brand.

Enhance Reputation
Retain Key Employees
Improve Morale & Productivity

What candidates will get?

Dedicated Research Executive
Job search in desired location
Video Interviews
Upgrading Skills Guidance
Career Counseling
Research on Job Opportunities
Detail information of Prospective Employer

Consultancy Fees

One time retainer fee + Variable Fee

Benefits to the Employer

Creating distinctive advantage for Corporate by managing transition of the employees who have to be retrenched or transitioned
Empathetic approach towards the transitioned employee
Positive image of the company
Personalized one on one services for every position

Benefits to the Transitioning Employee

Outplacement helps the transitioning employee reduce the emotional confusion associated with job loss through counselling, training and redirecting their focus toward the future. Our coaches provide intense career transition coaching, administer and interpret career assessments, develop a strong marketing campaign and make strong contacts through smart networking.

Greater confidence of their value in the market place (identifying one’s key skills and achievements) and their ability to market themselves – in an interview, on social media, when networking and negotiating offers.
Significantly improved ability for employees to gain new employment quickly.
Increased confidence in their ability to smoothly and quickly transition to the next role
Increased confidence in their ability to smoothly and quickly transition to the next role
Clarity on direction and satisfaction in making the right choice for themselves and their families
A confidential, impartial person to talk to/ work with

Confidential Information

All company and candidate data, MIS, proposal, presentation, notes, deliverables as agreed are confidential to the parties to this SLA and care must be taken by both parties at all times to ensure confidentiality of such items. The party in breach of confidentiality will be liable for punitive damages as decided under arbitration or decreed by the court of law.

The parties are expected to maintain the same degree of confidentiality during the term of this SLA and post termination of this SLA.