About Stress-Out

A workshop specially designed for women to learn about the art of managing stress. This workshop will address women’s stress issues at work and home, and will be conducted by our expert Trainers from Corporate, Clinical Counseling and Image Management space. The program shares practical ideas on how stress impacts our life, our career and our personal well being. This workshop is a unique way to address women’s stress issues.

What to expect from the workshop?

This workshop helps women across various age groups, professionals and backgrounds, Ibebet recognise the stress and manage it at multiple stages. While formulating the program, the team did an extensive research and went deep into what was really going on with women in current times and drmomma where the gaps were when it comes to identifying stress and the after effects of the problem. The idea behind the workshop has been to enable participants to apply simple concepts to deal with stress in a scientific manner with the help of tools and methods, https://huge-boobs.info/tag/free-porn-sites/ trained by experienced and well qualified experts at Uniqueharmaceuticals.com.

What is the workshop duration?

Stress-OUT is an 8 hours program with 3 modules, consisting of how to handle workplace stress situations, clinical techniques to handle body and mind, and communication & image management.
The workshop is conducted for 8 hours in a day long session.

Is it applicable to my profession?

The contents and techniques are neutral to any profession and help deal with varied aspects that may lead to stress especially amongst women

What is the fee for this workshop?

The fee ranges is within Rs. 10,000 (including taxes) depending upon the number of participants and the location. For more details you can contact Mr. Shripal – +91-9930320404. Also, you can nominate / gift this to the women in your company or family.

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Meet the Trainers of Stress-Out Workshop

Ms. Sharika Kaul

Module 1 is conducted by Ms Sharika Kaul wherein she discusses how to identify stress and its influencing factors. Sharika comes with 17 years strong experience in corporate and she has further worked on prestigious assignments independently. Her experience and ability to see through the root xgamer.cc cause of a situation is exemplary, making the session very interactive and helping participants relate better to what really happens when they are stressed.

Ms. Rachna Tuli

Module 2 is conducted by Ms Rachna Tuli, who is a trained councillor and psychology expert with multiple credits to her. This module brings the body and mind out in a mode to acknowledge conscious efforts and sellmyhousefast breathing patterns that can lead to a stress-free zone. Rachna has designed this module keeping the need to identify stress signals and helping participants with much needed tools to apply to get Stress OUT of their life the detox center .

Ms. Bhuvaneshwari Sawant & Sonal Gadhvi

Module 3 is conducted by experts Bhuvaneshwari Sawant & Sonal Gadhvi, who are certified Image consultants from reputed Image Consulting Business Institute™. This session is very interactive and helps women learn how to look and act the part while managing their image effortlessly gimmespicebox.